Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Martinez to Draw an Opponent?

Austinites were a-twitter today with rumors of a young, up-and-coming hotshot who not only speaks Chinese but can also teach you how for only three payments of $19.95. He got his big start on the widely-known Rosetta Stone infomercials, giving him both name ID and on-camera experience. You might be asking "Who is this international man of mystery?" The question is, "Who isn't he?"

But don't take my word for it. Check out this exclusive video of Alejandro, known to his many fans as "Mini-Me", our Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Martinez's son.


5 Response to "Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Martinez to Draw an Opponent?"

  • FUBAR Says:

    I'm voting for Alejandro!

  • Old Engine 5 guy on Springdale at 12th Guy Says:

    Mike is pandering. And using your child to be your Daddy role model is pretty f____ing pathetic.

    I guess he forgot about life as a East Austin firefighter.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    I think he's just posting a cute video, and nothing more.

  • FUBAR Says:

    Old Engine Guy - how sad, pathetic, and cynical are you? I know Mike, Lara, and Alejandro. This was a fun thing they did at home, which they choose to share with friends. It's not gettting a wider audience because of some evil masterplan, it's getting a wider audience because Alejandro rocks the house. Mike is one of the best dad's I've seen in action, so really do try to be less ignorant, or at least practice your ignorance without using Alejandro as ammo for it.

  • This IS Mike Says:

    I know who I am and what kind of father I am.

    I have lived and worked in East Austin since 1992. I currently live in Engine 5's first in territory.

    Stay safe on the truck.

    Mike Martinez