CONTEST: What will be Rep. Naishtat's First Tweet?

State Representative Elliott Naishtat may very well be on Twitter, but his tweet remains untweeted as his follower count (a whopping 62) continues to slowly climb.

I started twondering -- what will be The Representative's first tweet? How could a man of so much mystery and intrigue sum everything up into 140 characters? We've all heard his speeches. They're way longer than that.

Rumor has it he might not know how to tweet, the mere thought of which stuns most of his fans, or that he is saving his first tweet for some sort of major announcement ("major announcement" of course being adjusted for Naishtat Standard Time, like a new buffet-style restaurant opening in town or half price baby carrots at Central Market).

Whatever the case, I am opening up the comments section for your best guesses as to what will be The Representative's First Tweet. You can also tweet your entry by using the hashtag #NaishTweet.

The tweet most adequately captures the NaishTweet spirit will receive a signed, 2010 Texas Capitol calendar that I will wrestle from the hands of Representative Naishtat.

Just don't expect to get it before March.

3 Response to "CONTEST: What will be Rep. Naishtat's First Tweet?"

  • FUBAR Says:

    "One small step for man, one giant leap for the buffet line."

  • Lee Says:

    Given how long it took him just to establish a web page, I'm betting his first tweet doesn't happen before the next round of redistricting.

    Also, given his cadence of speech when he gives me quotes, I think he'll make each tweet a single word at a time.

  • just another duck on the pond Says:

    ...harold always has the best lines. but, i'm thinking, oh what the el:

    what a good queens hot salsa would sound like if it had a mouth...