Bye-Bye Dillos

You taught me what an armadillo was.

I'll miss you.

2 Response to "Bye-Bye Dillos"

  • Lee Says:

    You grew up in Texas and had to learn what an armadillo was from the bus? I guess growing up in the city is different from small town life.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    My first memory of armadillos is when we'd go by the Dillo on my way to pre-school (the old Open Door off of South 1st) and we'd pass one sitting at a light. I do remember seeing some squished ones on the side of the road as I got older. I think the first live armadillo I saw was on a magical bluebonnet drive through Willow Loop near Enchanted Rock. My mom and I watched two dillos rustle in the dirt and bluebonnets for a bout twenty minutes.