Bad campaigner: Tom Schieffer. Worse Campaigner: Rick Perry?

That's what William McKenzie over at the Dallas Morning News is saying:

I am fully in the head-scratching camp. I don't see his moves as all necessary. And I sure don't see how they help him politically. It looks to me like he's handing an opening to Hutchison and even Tom Schieffer, if Perry winds up running against Democrat Schieffer in next November's governor's race.
Great. Too bad we don't have a better candidate at the top of our ticket to capitalize on this opportunity.

Oh well, too late now. Many Democratic members of our Texas House, including the esteemed Peeps caucus, have already endorsed Schieffer. Good move guys!

1 Response to "Bad campaigner: Tom Schieffer. Worse Campaigner: Rick Perry?"

  • mcblogger Says:

    Hank's been capitalizing on it... pulled in some great support from Lubbock on the Tech thing and he's been picking up some good EM regarding his comments on the Forensic Comm firings.

    But that was in the HouChron which no one in Texas really reads. Schieffer got a quote into the NYT which, as we all know, is read by everyone in Texas.