Austin City Limits: Before and After

After all of my grousing about the matter, I appeared on FOX 7 tonight talking about the "disaster" that was ACL 2009. While I hate to be the canary in the coal mine, I think ACL has jumped the shark.

Here's the corrected video.
I'm about 54 seconds in, and again at 1:19 and 2:25.


3 Response to "Austin City Limits: Before and After"

  • lindsayjwilson Says:

    Where are you in the video?

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    sorry. I put up the wrong one earlier, but now it's there.

  • Patrick Says:

    I'd argue that ACL jumped the shark as soon as they went middle-of-the-road in their lineups and ditched the jam fans and our music.

    I completely understand why they did it. They can appeal to a wider audience and potentially rake in a lot more money from the kinds of headliners they've brought in the last two years than, say, the last lineup I was motivated enough to go see in 2005.

    I think that ACL is most likely headed in the direction of Lollapalooza instead of making its own path as a uniquely Texas, uniquely Austin festival. In three or four more years' time, it's most likely going to be just another non-camping multi-day music festival.

    That'll be a shame if that happens, because it could be a lot more than a Bonnaroo afterthought or Lollapalooza v. 2.0.