Rick Perry and His 140-Character Ignorance

For those of you just tuning in around the nation, Texas Governor Rick Perry has long been out of touch with everyday Texans. It's just unfortunate for Perry that the current economy happens to be leveling the playing field that Texans must play on. Last week, Perry went all Kanye West on people with his news-making remarks at a luncheon. In a twang of denial that reminded this Texan of our former Decider ("I encourage you all to go shopping more") Perry pitched "...Someone had put a report out that the first state that's coming out of the recession is going to be the state of Texas ... I said, 'We're in one?'"

But if you've ever taken a look at Rick Perry's Twitter page, you'd know that he's often late to the game. He's like the Michael Scott of Texas politics, the one who doesn't realize that all of his employees are laughing at him because he's too busy screwing up something else.

"Waiting for me when I got home...Rory and Lucy...and the lovely First Lady!"
There are some things wrong with this. First of all, where is the lovely First Lady? Did she turn into a pile of monkey grass or a limestone paver? As for the dogs, Rory and Lucy, I'm not too sure they're waiting for you, Governor. They look like they're either having a discussion with the monkey grass you call the lovely First Lady or they're waiting for the cast of the 101 Dalmations to answer their prayers and save them from the DeVilles.

"Great grassroots meeting in Rockwall...100+ crowd inspite of the downpour...but we do love the rain!!"
That's two words, Governor - "in spite." As in, "Texas' unemployment numbers are tanking in spite of the fact that Governor Rick Perry refuses to say they are."

"Final interment of Red River 44 at DFW National Cemetery today. Weather may cause problems/delays. God Bless em"

Twittering about "em" and their memorial service? Stay classy, Governor.

Mayor Giuliani and America's finest...our beloved Texas Rangers.

This tweet linked to this picture:

America's finest is a black Labrador? And is that the lovely First Lady I see off to the right? She could use a trim.

Perhaps most revealing, though, was this name-dropper of a tweet:

Would this be the same Bill Bennett who gambled millions of dollars away in Las Vegas? Because if so, it means he's also the same Bill Bennett who once said on his radio show, "You could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down." And if it's the Fred Barnes I'm thinking about, who must have had to suck up hard to earn the nickname "Last Bush Loyalist," he'd also be the one who said in regards to the war in Iraq: "The war was the hard part...and it gets easier. I mean, setting up a democracy is hard, but not as hard as winning a war."

If these are Rick Perry's dining partners, and Perry's A-list of "most intellectual conservatives," is it any wonder that he wouldn't know Texas is in a recession? His mishandling of our state and mindless Twitter remarks has led me to believe that there are many, many things he doesn't know.

But for future reference, Governor, you might want to tweet -- and govern -- with a bit more discretion.

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