"Hi, I'm Lt. Governor Mark Katz! Try the Reuben!"

Mark Katz is running for Lt. Governor of Texas!

The Fox article doesn't say what party he will be affiliated with. If we're lucky, it'll be the Fried Pickle Party. I once scheduled a meeting with him for 9 PM at his West 6th diner. He didn't show. He called me back the next day, apologized and said he'd "had an early drunk."

More frightening than the idea of the Kapitol Never Klosing is the fact that he wants to run the state like a business. Other officeholders have tried to use their business model to "make" government work and it's usually a huge, smelly failure, like a grilled cheese left on the sidewalk at 2 AM.

Alas. Democrats might end up with Kinky as Governor and Katz as Lt. Gov. Or we might stick with Goodhair and secede. Either way, these are looking like two options that I'm not really ready to confront. The Lone Star state is starting to look pretty loony.

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