Bill White Liftoff Party, New Candidates and Gubernatorial Gossip

Had some good times at the Bill White for Senate campaign kick off party on Saturday. It was the second time last week I saw Mr. White speak.

I spied with my Democratic eye: Olga Seelig (she'd left by the time I got there), John Lipscombe, Amy Clark Meachum (got to chat with her a bit! Nice meeting you Amy), Lainey Melnick (who said "Don't write anything mean about me!"), Karen Sage (who wasn't happy about the weather!), Cliff Brown (who said I looked nicer than my name tag, which of course said Mean Rachel) and a few electeds who were there to introduce Bill White, including Representatives Patrick Rose, Rafael Anchia and Pete Gallego.

Good sign for the White campaign? Molotov co-owner Jason Carrier, who is a bit of a news junkie I'm told, immediately zeroed-in on the Bill White sticker I was wearing when I stopped in at Molotov later in the evening. "What's he running for?" Carrier asked. "He used to be my Mayor!"

Another person I ran into was Michael Flowers, a national delegate I wrote about in The Texas Observer who had gotten involved in politics because of Obama and was thinking about running for office. And now he is. Michael Flowers is running for County Commissioner out in Elgin -- and even has a website. Representative Naishtat would be jealous.

Speaking of which, has anyone heard about Draft Naishtat for Governor? Rumor has it, it's in the works. I took a very informal and equally inebriated poll at the Netroots bash the other night and I will point out that not a single person I talked to, among some significant movers and shakers in attendance, said they wouldn't support him. One person did qualify their statement by saying they would only support him if he got a website.


"Elliott Naishtat for Governor - He's Not from Texas and That's a Good Thing."

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