The $400,000 Two Word Mistake


From ActBlue (emphasis mine):

Today the nation watched you raise $400,000 in one day to help show Republican Congressman Joe Wilson the door. Rep. Wilson made waves last night by heckling President Obama, shouting, "you lie!" in the middle of the President's address to Congress.

Starting at 9:30 last night, you stepped up to say you wouldn't tolerate that sort of disgraceful, boorish behavior in our nation's capitol. For almost 3 hours this morning, you were raising $1,000 a minute for Democrat Rob Miller, Wilson's opponent in 2010. And by mid-afternoon today, you'd hung a $200,000 pricetag on each word of Rep. Wilson's outburst.

The momentum is still building. CNN, the Washington Post and the Nation noticed your efforts, and are reporting them to an even larger audience. As of this email, 10,000 of you have raised more for Rob Miller than the entire pharmaceutical industry gave to Rep. Wilson last cycle.

That's real grassroots fundraising.

It wouldn't be possible without ActBlue, and a $15 recurring donation is all it takes to make sure we're there the next time a Republican does something stupid.
Keep it going!

1 Response to "The $400,000 Two Word Mistake"

  • Anonymous Says:

    I don't think his outburst was a mistake. I think he planned his outburst.

    Just his bad luck it backfired.

    What's the CPI on his district, anyway? No amount of cash may matter.