With candidates like these, who needs opponents?

Sen. Kirk Watson, who many were hoping would make a white horse prince run for Governor, announced on Friday that he would instead be seeking reelection in the Senate. Ambassador Schieffer, who never has anything else to report other than his thoughts on what other people are doing, issued a statement and tweeted about Watson's announcement, clearly relieved.

So now Texas Democrats find themselves between a rock and a Bush supporter, which is something that I think we should be used to by now. I overheard someone at happy hour last night say our "electable" statewide candidates are "all waiting until after 2010." I thought they were all waiting for 2010?

Nevertheless, we do have what I'll be calling "Kinky Bushfest 2010" to look forward to. Oh, and that other guy with the handlebar mustache is also running.

Based on my amateur analysis of the political landscape, I'm thinking the following: if Schieffer starts working on a little silvery stubble, and the Kinkster keeps his facial coiffe going, then we theoretically could just line them all up and vote based on our mustachioed political leanings. Do you like Thompson's long, slender curl following the lip line? Or are you more of a moderate straight-edge type, known as the "copstash," that Kinky often likes to sport?

With candidates like these, who needs opponents?

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