We're getting very good at losing.

This afternoon, Reps. Coleman, Dunnam, Gallego and Farrar, stomping on the heels of Ted Kennedy's death, had a big shiny press conference to announce their endorsement of Democratic candidate for Governor, Tom Schieffer.

This morning I read Harold Cook's remembrance of Sen. Kennedy and was reminded of the stunning lack of courage in our political system. This afternoon, I read Twitter and was reminded of the stunning lack of judgment.

This guy doesn't reflect any sort of Democratic values. None. What experience does he have? After returning from his appointments abroad, he had to use a Texas Monthly magazine to remember where the good bar-b-que joints were in Texas. That's like using a Playboy to learn how babies are made. He hasn't passed a single bill for Texas people since the '70s. Not to use his name in vain, but Rep. Elliott Naishtat is more qualified. And, oh yeah, I know this is easy to forget when you're constantly being reminded of it (and being told by Schieffer and others that it's in the past and that it will somehow help us), but he's a Bush guy. Why would any of our Democratic legislators endorse even the general concept of this man being our next Governor?

Schieffer does not represent our party's values. A little measured judgment on the part of our House leadership would be, I don't know, courageous.

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  • Lee Says:

    I suspect they'll later regret this endorsement as being too soon. If a better candidate comes along (I've heard rumors of Bill White switching from the Senate race, but don't know how credible they are) then they've painted themselves into a corner.

    Remember how stupid the teachers unions looked after they endorsed Strayhorn, and then Chris Bell emerged as a truly viable candidate?