Weekend Affirmations

A few weeks ago, I went on the 2nd Annual Bus Route #3 Pub Crawl. Austin Chronicle writer Lee Nichols created this event last year for his 40th birthday, which I also attended. This year's crawl was much tamer but they say with age comes wisdom. Check it Nichols' writeup here, or in this week's paper version. If you're like my aunt and soon-to-be uncle, you just might be inspired to do your own version of the crawl.

Speaking of which, congrats to my Aunt Stella and Kevin on their recent engagement and forthcoming wedding.

I'm going on a road-trip from Austin to Nashville to Philly to New York City to DC in about a week with a couple of girlfriends and a dog. And possibly a cat. I'll be blogging the trip with picture and text updates on this blog, which I created with a great new mobile blog platform called Posterous. Incredibly easy to set up and it integrates with all social networking platforms, including my Twitter, Facebook and even Flickr.

Rick Perry is delusional.

I rode a horse this week for the first time in 2 years. My parents will be happy to hear that apparently you can't flush eighteen years worth of riding lessons down the drain by not riding for two years. You can, however, walk around like a cowboy for three days straight afterward.

2 Response to "Weekend Affirmations"

  • Hazmat Is Fun Says:

    Have a safe trip. It sounds like a lot of fun, and it will be one of those life-long moments you'll always talk about.

    I'll bet Rick was as giddy as a school boy getting his first kiss when he was interviewed by WSJ. I guess I need to start a petition for term limits for the Governor and Legislators.

  • Lee Says:

    Your aunt and uncle are going to try it? Awesome. Glad to know I can be a bad influence on people I don't even know.