Socialize This

Today is the 64th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. In Burlington, Vermont, the home state of Jody Williams, whose work work in creating the International Campaign to Ban Landmines earned her a Nobel Peace Prize in 1997, it was also Nuclear Disarmament Day.

For me, it is a disheartening day when we should reflect on the sad state of affairs in our country. Our complacent nature to invest billions of dollars in military spending rather than the health of our own citizens will someday be our own undoing.

For a sobering look at the real cost of another socialized program, also known as 'national security,' I encourage you to read Forrest Wilder's report on the anti-war movement in the Ft. Hood area in this month's Texas Observer, Injured Hearts, Injured Minds. If the subject matter intrigues you, I also recommend picking up a copy of On Killing by Lt. Col. David Grossman, which explores the "psychological cost of learning to kill." And if you think you have to be enlisted in the military to learn to kill, you're wrong. We are all subjected daily to a barrage of distanced violence.

We have numbed our country to the true price of life. Why should it surprise anyone, then, that our fight to live has become so expensive.

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