Rep. McCaul Ranks #7 on Austin Top Water Users List

Looks like someone's least favorite Texas Congressman, Michael McCaul, isn't very conservative when it comes to one vital thing -- water. Chances are, similar to his pork-stuffing habits in Congress, he's not too worried about paying the bills.

From the Statesman (emphasis mine, h/t to ManShack):
The home of U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Austin, is listed as the No. 7 user in May, when 135,000 gallons were consumed. He said a leak in the underground sprinkler system was to blame.

"Unfortunately we didn't know it until my wife's plants began to die," he said in a statement. "We fixed it immediately."

But McCaul, whose Westlake-area lot measures 1.8575 acres, appears to be a consistently heavy user: His property consumed 93,000 gallons in February, 90,000 in March, 96,000 in April, 130,000 in June and 115,000 in July. Seven people live at the home.
On a related aquatic note, Democrat and former McCaul opponent Larry Joe Doherty is helping to organize the South Central Texas Water Conservation Convention in October. Water conservation experts will convene in Brenham, TX to educate the public about the growing problem of water scarcity, which Doherty told me in a recent conversation he believes will be the issue of my generation.

5 Response to "Rep. McCaul Ranks #7 on Austin Top Water Users List"

  • Scott in South Austin Says:

    We're about to go into Stage 2 Water Conservation and Mike indicates that his sprinkler system had a leak.

    The 135,000 gallon monthly volume reported by AAS equals 185 gallons/minute, the same amount of water that flows from a 1 1/2 inch Westlake Fire Department Engine Company attack hose line. That's for a 30 day month, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

    Does this guy eat spoiled food and have a colon the size of a dump truck? Another neocon enjoying the fruits of his useless labors.

    And just to show I am not biased, Austin Fire Department 1 1/2 hose lines flow the same volume.

    Mike - your house overlooks Town Lake, its not your f__ing toilet turdblossom. Get an enema, eat some fiber, and quit wasting the water I need for my family and firefighting. Water is a work related commodity in my business.

    Thanks Rachel for bringing this up.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Jack McDonald's house overlooks lake Austin and according to TCAD is worth around 3.5 million. I am just saying. I would like to see his water bill.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    @Scott - very well said, you have a great perspective on this.

    @"anonymous" - welcome back, Rosen.

  • Blueberry Says:

    I saw this story (blogged it, in fact). It's hard to imagine the level of "it's not my problem" that these people are full of. It's also hard to imagine using that much water. Are there waterfalls in the houses? In this drought, I hate to even see sprinklers running if it's just for grass. Screw the grass. This is Texas dammit. It's brown in summer and always colored with native wildflowers, agave and cactus.

    Another huge problem for water conservation are the homeowner's associations that require people to have a certain type of (water hogging) grass cut to a certain height and kept green. Those rules have got to go.

  • Anonymous Says:

    "Unfortunately we didn't know it until my wife's plants began to die," he said in a statement.
    Wha..!? Were they drowning?!!!