An Open Letter to My Fellow Bloggers Attending Netroots Nation

Dear Texas Netroots 09 Bloggers,

Due to schedule conflicts, I am unable to join you in Pittsburgh this weekend for Netroots Nation 2009. Which is really disappointing, mainly because I'd finally convinced myself that Pittsburgh was a city worth traveling to.

Having been last year when Netroots was in Austin, I learned a thing or two that I thought I'd share with you.

1. Set two alarms each night - Even Al Gore is hard to wake up for when you're still schnockered from the night before.
2. Wear comfortable shoes and clean underwear - this is just a good general rule of thumb.
3. Always collect and wear on your person lots of buttons and quirky hats at these events as they attract the media.
4. The best panels are the ones no one else goes to.
5. When ambushing a former Presidential candidate for a picture, don't ask questions, just smile.
6. The people you meet the first day are probably the people you'll hang out with the rest of the weekend. Don't try to change this, just go with it.
7. If you go to any panels where Jeremy Scahill is speaking, prepare to be depressed afterward.
8. But you might just write something you love because of it.
9. Have fun.
10. Take ibuprofen.

I hope this list helps you, Texas Bloggers! By the way, my friends from last year's NN, Jim Walsh from Wired for Change and Matt Compton from the DLCC will be speaking tomorrow morning from 10:30-11:45 AM tomorrow on Local Campaigns and the World Wide Web. Should be a fun one!


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