Man I wish she'd run for Governor.

Awesome quote from story in the New York Times:
Senator Van de Putte of Texas said the only bad reaction she’s gotten over her “wise Latina” T-shirt came from a man at her sports club in San Antonio, who angrily yelled that he was also wise. “I said, ‘Great! Get a T-shirt!’ ”

2 Response to "Man I wish she'd run for Governor."

  • Mack Says:

    Love the response.

    When old, fuddy-duddy white men, like me, who were also raised on Texas ranches, wearing work gloves, boots and collared work shirts, start becomming seriously-- seriously-- tired of the anti-intellectual, angry, bitter Republican cross-currents, you know change is afoot.

    Fuck the dumbasses in the gyms. They're the last guys to catch up to anything, anyway.

  • Anonymous Says:

    I would vote for her instead of