How Six Degrees of Tom Schieffer Relates to the Town Hall Mobs

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I've got nothing against Republicans. Well, I do find them kind of boring and grumpy and clearly not thinking straight on the old "Who controls my ovaries?" issue, when I'm the one who has to endure menstrual cramps every third Saturday. However, do not, I repeat, do not get me started on the subject of George W. Bush.

If you are pals with George W. Bush, you are ipso de facto up to no good. And by "pals" I'm referring to anyone other than Cindy Sheehan who has been to his Crawford ranch. As my friend out in Denver might say, you are up to some "no tells-ies."

Because, Ambassador Tom Schieffer, you wannabe-Democratic-nominee-for-Governor of Texas, hoping to skim past the primary, you have friends who are "no tells-ies" of your own.

You know those violent and crazy town hall mobs? It's now being reported that former Columbia/HCA CEO, Richard Scott and current chief executive of the lobby group Conservatives for Patients' Rights (CPR) is working with American Liberty Alliance and American Majority. All of these groups are united in fighting the health care reform battle. "Fighting," in the summer 2009 sense, means sending out notices about town halls and prodding the craziest extremists you can find on your mailing list to disrupt the aforementioned town halls. The conveniently named "CPR" is not just organizing these "made for YouTube ambushes," as MSNBC's Rachel Maddow points out in the video below but, "they've also been taking credit for them."

Why should any Texan with a photo ID care about Richard Scott? Well, maybe because Scott was an investor in the Texas Rangers baseball team back in the 1990's. In fact, he was in the same investment group as George W. Bush and Ambassador Tom Schieffer, who's now running for Governor of Texas. As a Democrat.

It's enough to give this yellow-dog Democrat a heart attack—if I could afford it.

In the first video, skip to 4:30 for a fun "Six Degrees of Schieffer" moment. In the second, that bald guy on the right is him -- skip to 2:54 for some juicy, health care gossip. But don't forget -- "no tells-ies."


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  • Mack Says:

    I'm sure it will be held up as just another example of Schieffer being the penultimate pragmatist. Or something.