Is Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison just having hot flashes or does someone need to adjust her Premarin? Yesterday, when asked by a Dallas radio interviewer when she would be "coming out," Hutchison said (and yes, this is a quote):
"I’m going to announce in August. Formal announcement I am in. Then the actual leaving of the Senate will be sometime – October/November – that-- in that time frame."
Hours later in Washington, Hutchison tried to Jazzercise out of her comments, further proving that the sky is, in fact, not blue in DC. "I was really trying to say to [Governor Rick Perry] he could step back here," Hutchison said, "and he's really trying to hang on too long and maybe he'll rethink," implying that she thinks Perry should just drop out of the race.

Really, Kay? That's like saying you think Lance Armstrong should retire. After everyone in the state of Texas had a nice, long, cynical laugh about that pipe dream, they started speculating as to what Hutchison really meant. Which is really hard, because even Hutchison doesn't know what Hutchison meant.

The Hutchison campaign is acting bipolar, when it acts at all. Earlier this week, they found themselves in another "Can you read that back to me again?" moment when, after assuring reporters that rumors of a staff shakeup were untrue, rumors of a staff shakeup turned out to be...true.

From the Statesman's Jason Embry's First Reading:
"What isn’t clear is why Klingler told Selby in early July that there was no shakeup in place, since Wiley told the campaign in early June that he could no longer serve as campaign manager."
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Governor Perry isn't doing much better when it comes to consistency. After turning down $555 million in federal stimulus money that would have gone to Texas's unemployment system, he's now decided to borrow some money. Two billion dollars. From the federal government. To go to the unemployment system. How he plans on justifying this move with the wild-eyed savages that he calls a "base," I don't know. What exactly are they steeping in those tea bags?

And, candidates? Can I bring up something a little awkward? This is a fun little quote from 2004, in which Kay Bailey Hutchison is being interviewed on CNN about Democratic nominee for President, John Kerry:
It's unbelievable that someone could be so wishy-washy and flip-flop so many times, and then ask to lead our country with clarity and vision.
Et tu, Ms. Kay?

6 Response to "WT(KB)H?"

  • Scott in South Austin Says:

    What's sad is their is no good Democratic candidate. I think Gubnah Good Hair has outworn his stay but given some of KBH's batshit craziness, he may be able to get another term.

    By the way, great blog Rachel.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    Thanks Scott! It would be nice to see a decent Dem step up to the plate.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Holy Snark, Batgirl! The reference to poor Kay's lady pills was a bit over-the-top, don't you think?

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    If men can call Hillary a mean bitch, a woman can poke fun at KBH. :)

  • Anonymous Says:

    "the wild-eyed savages that he calls a "base"...

    I don't know what kind of personal issues you have, but considering that he was elected by a majority of the voters, these kind of comments just make you look stupid and out of control - two characteristics that aren't likely to win you much support among independents.

    It seems to me you are the wild-eyed one here.

  • FUBAR Says:

    Actually, Anonymous (if that is indeed your real name), Rick Perry wasn't elected by a majority of the voters. He was elected by 39 percent of the voters. Which makes "inaccuracy" your own personal issue. Speaking of stupid and out of control.