Twit This: Distraction Nation

An article in the New York Times about the dangers of cell phone use while driving says that when we talk on the phone in our car, we see an image of what we're talking about instead of the road ahead. A red light turns into a pair of cowboy boots we just got on sale that we're telling our friend about, or a car comes out of nowhere because you were envisioning your Caribbean cruise that you're talking about on the phone with your travel agent.

A better metaphor couldn't exist for the way I'm feeling about the world in general these days.

I don't exempt myself from this metaphor. I'm too ashamed and distracted to count how many times I've glanced up from my Blackberry, tearing myself away from something fleetingly important, and said "...What?"

Even I annoy the shit out of myself.

One part celebsession, one part gossipmania, one part over-teched, it all came to a twittering head for me when I found out, almost two hundred and twenty times in one 24-hour period, that the Beastie Boys had canceled their ACL appearance, our beloved Barton Springs would be might be in a few months is closing for repairs, and that Austin really would love to get some rain.

My head feels absolutely full of useless trivia relating to nothing and everything. There's so much more I'd like to know, but I hardly have the energy to look it up, let alone read more than 140 characters worth of anything. Deleting emails has become manual labor.

I look up from my Blackberry and I see the scenery fading into the background: red lights, health care hypocrisy, women veterans not getting enough qualified health care at VA hospitals, slaves in Haiti, war crimes in Burma, torture in Gitmo, misuse of TARP funds.

I never even hit the brakes anymore.

Ed. Note: For an added interactive bonus for having read to the end of this post, play the NYT driving while texting game. There are some interesting statistics at the end.

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  • kamtree Says:

    Very good meeting you last night at Joe's. This Mark Morford column I just read made me think about your question of what do you say to Repub sex scandal guys who try to redeem themselves by saying that now they've turned to god.
    Here's my e-dress - Stay in touch.