Quiet Music Capital of the World?

Twitter Update: Councilman Mike Martinez (@place2mike) tweeted Monday that (he?) "was able to get one last agenda item on for this week to suspend the code for 6 months so the Grove will be back up! http://bit.ly/19LHDM" Also, FOX 7's Crystal Cotti (@CrystalCotti) tweeted that "'Unplugged at the Grove' could be back by Thursday. Check out the story here. http://tinyurl.com/l8tsza."

When Austinites went to the polls for Laura Morrison in 2008, Democrats were hoping to elect a "consensus-builder who's generally strong on progressive issues," as the Austin Chronicle stated in their endorsement of her at the time. Opponents argued that Morrison was nothing more than an Austin Neighborhood Council groupie, only interested in protecting homeowners who could afford $500,000 West Austin homes -- an increasing majority in a city that seems to welcome more Californians every day.

Now that she's a City Councilwoman, we've had a chance to see and hear what she's really about. And, if last Thursday's debacle at Shady Grove & KGSR's "Unplugged at the Grove" oudoor concert is any indicator, they're not liking what they're hearing. After a complaint from a resident living near the Barton Springs hotspot, police showed up with a decibel meter and determined that the opening act, Sahara Smith, strumming cooly on the guitar, was over the noise ordinance -- the same ordinance Councilwoman Morrison was quick to push through once in office. The show was canceled for the night, and the crowd was left to sip on their Shiner Bocks and simmer.

Aside from being a PR disaster for Morrison's ANC-based policies -- that might serve to unseat her in her next run for reelection -- progressives are left with a music lesson learned. The negative noise being made by those who had watched Morrison in action long before her run for office might have been able to prevent this, instead of falling on deaf ears.

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  • gary etie Says:

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    thank you,
    gary etie - austin city permits

  • M1EK Says:

    I believe certain Austin bile-throwers were very clear on the fact that the ordinance had nothing to do with condos or Californians, but in fact was being pushed by single-family homeowners up the hill in Zilker.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    Yup, I give up Mike - it was a local yokel.