An Open Letter to Ambassador Schieffer

From SanAntonio Express-News:
“And also remind people that this is not going to be easy. It's going to be really hard. And if they want to do that, I get to be governor. And if they don't want ot [sic] do that, I can go make money, and I've done my civic duty of trying to lay it out.”

Dear Ambassador Schieffer,

You "get" to be a Lottery Winner. You "get" to be prom king. You might even "get" to be an Ambassador.
But no one, perhaps with the exception of Rick '39%' Perry, "gets" to be Governor of Texas.
No, that's something you've gotta earn.

Enjoy making money,

2 Response to "An Open Letter to Ambassador Schieffer"

  • Howard Says:

    Nice post, Rach.

    I particularly enjoy reading (and writing, when I can) observations that are focused, telling and dead-on. This is one of those.

    Game. Set. Match,


  • tali Says:

    Wow. This sense of entitlement that seems to be re-appearing amongst politicians really makes me want to [not] vote for them.