A face for blogging

Some of you often wonder what it is I do all day. In fact, many people at first think I make my living blogging. Which is so not the case for Mean Rachel -- she is merely an insane diversion that I'm starting to grow out of. But, in a way, I do make a living blogging (among other things). Just not on this one -- on this one.

Below is my recent appearance as The Girl in a Bright Blue Shirt #1 on KXAN News.

Moving? Don't forget the pets

AUSTIN (KXAN) - Evonna Patanella and her daughter have a big move ahead of them.

"We're moving to Singapore," said Patanella. "It's not like moving in the U.S. where you can load up a truck and drive and get there."

Besides moving the furniture, there are two things that can't be left behind- Abby and Tessa, the family dogs.

Yet, getting the pets to Singapore is a complicated process. From health documents to having them quarantined, it can be confusing.

Luckily, an Austin company is helping them out.

"We do door-to-door logistics, pick up at the residence, deliver to airport, all the flight bookings and then pack up and deliver on the receiving end," said Rachel Farris, with Pet Relocation.

And since Pet Relocation started the service, it has moved some interesting animals.

"We've moved frogs from Switzerland, 14 horses to Honduras," said Farris.

Even a Siamese fighting fish was moved to Amsterdam.

"We had an employee that worked for Starbucks and she had a fish named Franchesco," said Farris. "She always called him her significant other. It was her dearly beloved fish."

The fish was so loved that she paid $2,500 to move it.

To get overseas, Pet Relocation recommends using Continental or KLM.

"We only use airlines that have staff set up to watch the pets to make sure they are staying healthy, staying hydrated and they are going to arrive safe," said Farris.

While it's hard to make beloved pets travel thousands of miles, it is nice to know someone is making sure they get there safely. Pet relocation services start around $1,000.


4 Response to "A face for blogging"

  • rooroo Says:

    i like that they edited your "like"s and "you know"s in the written version! why weren't you mean on tv? :)

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    thanks roo. i look sort of mean, don't i? mainly because they made me stare into the early morning, 100 degree sun.

  • Howard Says:

    I was impressed that you managed to get them interviewing you in front of the sign with all the contact info. Just like a free TV ad, or even better.

    Maybe you should be in PR, or work an advance team for some pol?


  • Mean Rachel Says:

    Thanks H. Funny story about the sign behind me (it's actually on a van) but I'll save that for another time.