South By South Mess

It's that time of year again. The time of year when the sun sits along Austin's violet crown just a little longer than usual, the trees start to turn a neon green, and my blow dryer begins charging me by the hour.
It's also that time of year when people who think they aren't hipsters flock to town, decked out with badges, wristbands and skinny jeans, operating within a social caste system of platinums and golds that befuddles and loots in a manner similar to AIG's $480 million in bonuses.
I'm talking about South By South West. Also known as "SXSW." And, I think for perhaps the first time but I can't quite be sure, now also known on the Tweeter as "#sxsw."

Last year during "South-by," I was deep into my three month sobriety kick (what on earth was I thinking?), and I became my friends' most convenient and free taxi ride throughout the event. I found myself circling the block, listening to The Who, nearly mowing down the all-black-clothes-wearing hoodlum standing outside the Austin Children's Museum waiting to get in to an after party. An after party at the children's museum? Is that legal?

But aside from the invasion of the skinny jeans, and the occasional bout of road rage when traversing all major thoroughfares in Austin (note to self - do not traverse major thoroughfares in Austin during SXSW), I felt like I could usually distance myself from it pretty well.

That was back when things were good, when a shitty economy hadn't yet been defined in billions of dollars and there was no way to be mad about not prosecuting the crooks because they hadn't been caught yet. That was also before Karl Rove had a Twitter.

My twitter following and their hash-mark #SXSW-yness is driving me insane. I wake up and I see they're "headed to #sxsw coffee." I slave away at work and see they're "in Ballroom A listening to great panel #sxsw." I brush my teeth and they're "getting confirmed for the #sxsw tech afterparty! woot!"

I cannot escape. #Help.

6 Response to "South By South Mess"

  • FUBAR Says:

    add to the SXSW crowds the rodeo crowds, the baseball game crowds, the basketball tournament crowds, and the Texas Legislative session crowds, and it all makes me want to barricade myself inside my home.

  • kurt Says:

    It is indeed a very different year.

    Last year I happily cross-posted your eloquent anti-SxSW rant. This year - unemployed, nowhere else to go on major thoroughfares or otherwise - I'm a SxSW volunteer with a Platinum Badge.

    Um... can I get a #ride home?

  • jolie Says:

    so I followed the karl rove link. you can see pictures he's posted from his hunt at the armstrong ranch.

    there's one of fred barnes holding a shotgun & dead bird that facebook might could pull for violating posting rules (violence, including firearms and dead animals in the picture). let's get busy, everyone! w00t!

  • Lois Haas Says:

    A great man named Mark Strama once had something to say about Twitter...

  • probeam Says:

    Karl Rove just needs to go away! I'm sure him and his R-pblican dirty tricks had something to to do with Jimmie Don Flaharty losing that congressional race last year.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    You know, just when I think Strama's just another pretty face, he proves me wrong.