Give 'em hell.

In February, Governor Rick Perry was asked to respond to laid off workers in need of unemployment benefits. He replied that out-of-work Texans should feel "blessed to be living in a state that created 80 percent of all the jobs last year in America."


Well, I feel blessed to have a job, and that's unrelated to Rick Perry. But when I saw the following email come through on a CD10 mailing list I am on, I thought it was an appropriate response to the Governor's rejection of the funds. I requested permission to repost it:

...Please, somebody tell me what it will take to get people to vote Democratic in this state? A video of Perry killing puppies with his bare hands? Hutchison in a three-way with Bernie Madoff and Ken Lay's corpse? Can these people get any worse?

After being out of work for four months, I swallowed my pride and applied for unemployment last week for the first time in my working career. When I heard today's news I had a two word, seven letter response for the governor that I won't repeat here. I am a native Texan and a proud UT alum, but I am about ready to give up on this stupid state and go back to California where they teach science, don't have a "moment of silence" in the schools, fund children's health care, invest in clean energy, voted for Obama, and I can get a job.

Pretty soon, we won't have to tell Rick Perry to go to hell - he will have created it here.

Put that in your hair and style it, Gub-nah.

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  • Ed Schroeder Says:

    I agree with the sentiments, but I don't know about getting a job in Cali. The unemployment rate is one of the highest in the country: