If I've seemed quiet on the stimulus matter, it's because I quite frankly have no idea what to say. I am not a numbers gal and a billion was a word I used when I was four, professing how much I loved my pre-school boyfriend Steven - as in, "I love you a billion!" Yes, when it comes to our economy, I don't know how may zeros make up a billion and I've merely assumed that the legislators and their handlers at least sort of know what they're doing. A billion mea culpa.

Now I'm not admitting that I particularly trust any legislators -- it's much easier to assume they're all forms of crooks and embedded with special interests. I just hope (sic), with hands over my eyes, peeking through my fingers, that those special interests are occasionally worthwhile interests.

But even those interests and the politicians who imbibed are probably feeling the Monday morning hangover of this struggling economy after the last eight years of political partying. I would imagine that if you do in fact know how many zeros make up a billion, then you're probably getting a little concerned as you see the billions dwindle.

And that makes me, at least momentarily, a little smug.

Despite this denial-fueled smugness, I've kept my mouth shut. And you know what? I think there are a few politicians who need to work on that. Particularly if you meet any of the following requisites:

1. Republican
2. Voted for the war
3. Supported George W. Bush in any way (I would consider this to extend even to W's bicycle)
4. Recently went on a frivolous trip to the Caribbean paid for by one of the many fraud bankers who helped get us into this global snafu.

Yup, Big Bad John Cornyn, I'm talking about you. Actually, scratch that, I'm talking to you. A message, from the syndicate:

Shut the fuck up.

From here on out, you have lost your entitled-gasbag-talking-about-what's-right-for-the-economy privileges.

If you want to talk about how to build a balsa wood bridge that will withstand four hundred Hybrids driving across it, or the ecological aspects of leather fringed jacket-making, or maybe even your snowy-haired political aspirations, have at it. You can even post a guest blog!

But I officially do not want to hear another person who has signed blank checks for a wasteful war refer to this bailout as excessive spending. Republicans have spent the last eight-plus years cramming pork into bills while being outraged about who Clinton was porking and now they're crying that the bailout robbed "America's freedom?" No, that was another piece of legislation, a Constitutional hacksaw wrapped in a flag and stamped with an eagle called the Patriot Act. Oh and Perry? That flag's been bleeding for a while. Nice of you to notice.

No, I'm not interested in hearing from Republicans on this one. Their moral authority extends no further than the cuffs of their overpriced suits. When it comes to fiscal responsibility -- and more importantly, fiscal veracity -- Senator Cornyn and his cronies have demonstrated they have none.

5 Response to "Exsangui-Nation"

  • FUBAR Says:

    NOW we're cookin' with gas!!

  • Karin Says:

    In those ridiculously cinematic election ads he ran on tv a few months ago, John Cornyn's voice was effeminate and creepy. Every time I heard, "Ah'm John Cornyn and Ah approve this message, I threw up in my mouth. Just saying.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Is this is cooking with gas? Come on. I would assume she's still the same four year old saying "I love you a billion!"

    There are Dem's that have done 10X worse, and yet they don't even blip on your radar. And that "hacksaw" to the Constitution was voted to be extended by Obama. And both parties were signing "blank checks" through out the war.

    I don't understand your logic of "well you've been pork spending on your pet projects, now it's our turn." Two wrongs don't make a right.

    Fact is the stimulus is the wrong answer, or at the very least being applied incorrectly. Obama was wrong for supporting the bank bailout carte-blanche, and is wrong for shoving this practically socialist agenda of govermemnt down the people's throat with his rhetoric.

  • John Coby Says:

    You're MEAN, Rachel!

    Nice job!

  • rvac106 Says:

    Hey Good Girl,

    I see from your varied interests that you're more interested in the current goings on than the past, but, if you really wanna get after a 'bad' US Texas Senator, I think you should pay some attention to the deeds of one of our formers, that being Phil Gramm. He was instrumental in taking down a law that had stood for almost a hundred years, a law that kept Wall Street from running roughshod over the people of the United States, by keeping Credit Default Swaps under control. Y'know, CDS's, one of the major reasons the country is in the middle of the economic meltdown that's killing us, right now. So, even though Gramm is out of the spotlight right now, his legacy lives on, while it's taking the rest of out to the woodshed.

    Gramm spearheaded the deregulation bill that repealed a number of safeguards put into place after the Great Depression, to keep banks regulated, which didn't sit too well with Wall Street. He was also helpful in repealing another law, on the books since 1907, which kept Wall Street from betting on Exchange Traded companies, the so called 'betting parlours' that were no more than uncontrolled bookie joints, and had a great deal to do with a lesser know crash on the street.

    For more, see the web site TheSanityCheck dot com. The country needs all the help it can get.