Postcards from the Lege: An Open Letter to State Rep. Elliott Naishtat

A(nother) Open Letter to State Rep. Elliott Naishtar Naishtat,

Thank you for the postcard from Big Bend. It truly captured the spirit of your surroundings -- an abandoned toilet, a mesquite tree and an old house called the Green Pea. I received it nearly a month after it was sent, thanks in no small part to your somewhat illegible handwriting causing it to be routed to Shelly St.; Pittsburgh, PA; 15203 on accident.

Perhaps you've not heard of what the youngsters these days are calling "e-mail." This ensures a speedier delivery and, thus, a much more satisfied constituent. You can even send a card if you're feeling sassy! My current personal favorite is below.

Nevertheless, I'll still proudly display this postcard from My Representative next to your 2009 calendar hanging in my kitchen.

Yours in constituency,


5 Response to "Postcards from the Lege: An Open Letter to State Rep. Elliott Naishtat"

  • jolie Says:

    elliott is my rep, too, but I don't have one of his 2009 calendars. where did I go wrong??

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    well, jolie, since you asked, I can tell you that it requires walking a very fine line between annoying the hell out of him and strategic planning. also, if he had a website, you could theoretically email him to request one...
    just be careful he doesn't slip you a 2007 calendar, 'cause he's known to do that.

  • FUBAR Says:

    Elliott Naishtar is a fine man. Who could survive without electricity just fine.

  • Anonymous Says:

    As an unbiased reader, I would like to point out that the "old house called the Green Pea" should be "old ADOBE called the Green Pea." It is more accurate, and don't you think it has more of a literary flair?
    -Anonymous unbiased person

  • treehugger Says:

    There's a Pittsburgh Steeler joke in there somewhere, but I can't quite snag it.