My One Remaining Question

If Clinton's transition staff pulled all of the W's off of the keyboards in 2001, did Bush's staff remove all of the H,O,P and E's?
Welcome President Barack Obama and the rest of the Obama family!

5 Response to "My One Remaining Question"

  • Lee Says:

    The removal of the "W" keys and other alleged pranks, of course, turned out to be a GOP-manufactured myth. I can't remember if it was the GAO or some other federal auditor, but they reported that outgoing staff did no such thing.

    (Hey, my verification word was "Conti." Eerily close to Condi.)

  • Lee Says:

    It occurs to me: The Clinton staffers allegedly wrecked the offices. The Bush staff wrecked the country.

    We can actually back up the latter with hard proof.

  • jolie Says:

    the statesman reports that k-k-k-karl rove is a new board member for the texas parks and wildlife foundation. how about them apples?

  • pylorns Says:

    Now that would be funny.