If Men Could Become Pregnant

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If men could become pregnant, an abortion would be renamed a gentler term, like "release." This would remind those around them that they're not aborting a life but declining the option to begin one.

Religious men would argue that the Bible's failure to directly address abortions indicates that becoming pregnant is such a personal event, even God himself could not seek to interfere. Psalm 139, when David praises God for letting his life begin in the womb, would no longer only symbolize the sovereignty of life. It would instead remind us that babies are "made in secret (v. 15)," and that a child should be "skillfully wrought (v. 15)," not hastily or unilaterally brought into this world for lack of an alternative.

If men could become pregnant, they would toss change down on the counter for birth control pills when they picked up their six-pack of Heineken. They would have unlimited access to their reproductive health care professionals and no annual insurance limits on how many times they could be seen.

They would be careful with their promises.

They would be driving along with their girlfriend and announce, without a drop of shame, that they had decided to have a release. It would be understood and accepted; likely commonplace and unemotional. There would be no tears or discussion, just a day where they didn't come to work.

Life would begin at the first heartbeat and clenched five-fingered fist.

Some men might choose to carry the baby, deciding that a release wasn't necessary. Some might decide that they aren't financially stable enough. Some might feel the mother of the child wasn't the one they wanted to raise children with. But if men could become pregnant, they would all agree on one common concept: There would be a choice.

4 Response to "If Men Could Become Pregnant"

  • Emily W Says:

    Just so I'm clear and understanding your position, does your statement that "life would begin at the first heartbeat" indicate you would not be in favor of any "release" after 6 wks of gestation, since thats when the fetal heartbeat can be detected? So early term still ok, just not at 6wks or after? And if technology theoretically could improve over time and allow for earlier detection, would you adjust this delimiter? Just curious how we draw that line....I'm all about not becoming pregnant if you dont want to, yay, birth control and the morning-after pill etc, but if we could all ever agree on when exactly life begins, I think this whole pro-choice thing would be a different conversation. Of course thats the tricky part, really. If you believe that life begins at conception, or somewhere between conception & birth, you simply cant have a constructive and meaningful debate with someone over the issue of "A Woman's Choice". Same goes the other way around -- if you truly believe that life begins at birth, or somewhere late-term, then of course you'd feel that the government was trying to order your body around and that wouldn't be fair or constitutional. So, my long winded-point is that, at the root of the issue, we first need a scientific consesus on when life begins, in order to properly frame the question of abortion.

  • getgrounded Says:

    Yes, men wouldn't stand for anyone taking their choices away. And they would fistfight their way to get that if necessary. However, I also think our planet would be less populated right now if men were making those decisions - hmmm, that actually sounds like a GOOD thing! Thanks for writing this.

  • The Burk's Happy Little Blog Says:

    Really cool......I've got even a better idea. Let's say that we "release" or abort every single pregnancy (planned or unplanned) unless the person who is pregnant requests a license to have the baby. Then everyone can "have it their way" and ensure that the sacred decision of choice is taken off the table. I wonder if there would be a new pro life movement to ensure that we have the right to have babies? You know China is on to something.........I wonder if we could ask their citizens on how its working out for them.

  • Future Mama Says:

    Oh yea! haha! I think if men were the ones who got pregnant A LOT of thigns would be A LOT different!