Front Row of Hope

I got an email yesterday from a photographer, who had come up to me in Denver at Invesco saying that he'd taken my photo and wanted my name. He offered to email me one, so I hastily scribbled down my meanrachel email address.
Apparently the election had taken him all over the place after DNC, so he'd lost my email and only just recently found it.

The photo strikes me as odd because it looks like I'm saying a prayer (I wasn't) and it looks like I'm kind of sad (I wasn't). I was extremely awake mentally, on top of being physically exhausted, and feeling incredibly fortunate.
Thanks to Michael Francis McElroy for sending it. It brings back some of my best memories.

4 Response to "Front Row of Hope"

  • rooroo Says:

    i don't think it looks like you're praying, but it's an interesting angle, with the one eye and all that. you look... intense. and lovely.

  • sumina & saurabh Says:

    I totally like this pic. It just seems like a poignant moment, and to be captured on camera... so much the better! -Sumina

  • Howard Says:

    Looks like a grl who's ready to kick a little ass and take back her country to me ...

  • jolie Says:

    excellent picture* and great memories to go with ....

    *so we don't actually even know each other, but do have a friend or two in common. would that be two degrees of sep - ?!