Change is Bad.*

*This post is not about Obama -- but incidentally, have you been to The Obama Store on East 11th yet? Heaven is a place on Earth!

No, this post really isn't about Obama, I promise. It's about the new Monarch Apartments. Or condos, I really don't get what the difference is these days. If you aren't familiar with the building, it's the halfhearted one to the west of the Middle Finger Building (360) and looks like it has a giant, glowing maxi pad on top of it. I'm told that's supposed to represent the building's wings, keeping with the butterfly metaphor, but again -- when was the last time you heard about wings when you weren't watching a Kotex commercial?

Even with the terrible, bloated architecture of the building, I'd be able to ignore it if the wings stayed the same color. But they don't. In fact, they change colors The other night I was at a party at the Headliner's Club (dreams do come true!) fielding questions about where I was moving to and faster than I could down a glass of free wine, the wings would change from white to pink to blue to turquoise.

I don't always mind Austin's growth -- in fact, I rather like the expanding Austin skyline and I can't blame people for wanting to move here. But I can't stand that the Monarch makes the skyline constantly different -- one minute it's that orange building to the left and the next it's the blue one. How can you have a famous, recognizable skyline if one building is constantly changing every twenty minutes?

Red, white and blue on July Fourth? Fine. Orange on UT Gameday? Makes sense. But the rest of the time, the Monarch needs to commit to a color for its rooftop Always. Period.

7 Response to "Change is Bad.*"

  • FUBAR Says:

    This is 2008. Get with the times. We properly refer to them as "rooftops of color."

  • Logan Says:

    slow news day huh?

  • Anonymous Says:

    You are starting to sound like old man crank John Kelso. Lighten up!

  • cyrus Says:

    Well, THAT malaise set in quickly...decadence at the Headliners, bitching about the new urban architecture, sporadic and uneven's like the Pine Curtain trial lawyer whose ship just came in. Can a long vacation in Cabo be far off?

  • whiskeydent Says:

    MR, you obviously did not properly waste your youth and do enough drugs. If you had, you would view the changing colors as a public rememberance of times when Advil was not the drug of choice.

    There. I posted. Happy now?

  • FUBAR Says:

    Change may or may not be bad, but would it be so bad to change the top story on your website??

  • Jim Says:

    I agree with the last comment. You have a hungry public. Feed their need for snide remarks and bitingly harsh critique...In other words, please update your friggn' blog! :)