A Phonebanking Vignette.

Subtitled: Why Democrats will win.

A phone call I made today to an 85 year old male who last voted for Democrats in 2006.

Me: And are you planning on voting on Tuesday?
Him: I reckon.
Me: Okay, and are you planning on voting Democratic?
Him: I haven't decided yet.
Me: You haven't decided yet!
Him: Yes'm.
Me: Well...have any nice girls like myself called you from the Republican party? Insert Sarah Palin wink here.
Him: (laughs) No, you're the only one.
Me: Well there's your answer right there!
Him: I'll prob'ly vote for the Democrats.
Me: Okay ______. Just remember on Tuesday what nice girl has called and asked for your vote and who hasn't.
Him: Yes'm, you know I'll be rememberin'.

GOTV is like the last mile in a road race. You've come so far, have wanted to plop down on the curb and eat a Krispe Kreme since the first half-mile, and are sick (in my case, literally) and tired of the whole thing. But you're passing by people cheering you on, and you can see the table full of bananas and Gatorade up ahead, and you can't help increasing speed. Taking a long look around, you realize it's the last few moments of something you've poured quite a bit of yourself into, and suddenly you wish you could run it all over again.

3 Response to "A Phonebanking Vignette."

  • Logan Says:

    regardless of who wins on Tuesday night or in the recounted weeks to follow, you're a winner in my book!

  • Heather Says:

    Okay first of all your memo to those who are commenting it too funny. ( I promise I'm not Sarah Palin)
    Second, old people are so easily swayed. I love it. What's funny is I've had someone from both parties call me almost every other day, and the democrat was always the nicest. Not that that affected my vote, but you know if I where uneducated and had no idea what was going on it may have made my mind up.

    :0) Obama/Biden '08

  • Phillip Says:

    Did you read the article on Salon about the person who made phone calls for McCain? The author pretty much concluded that making phone calls is an outdated form of politics. People are either annoyed at the caller, already committed to a candidate or no longer using a land line (or some combination of all three). What thinks you? Do phone banks still work or might they even have a negative effect from the "annoyance factor". Merci.