Dreaming of Obama: Victory Speech

I've had a lot of time to think today, having come down with something that seems to resemble pneumonia over the last couple of weeks. This much time on my hands two days before the election has resulted in me counting my eggs, carefully and nervously, before they hatch. Here's my imaginary Obama speech (in case you thought I had a life before).

Chicago; America; People of the World:

Tonight I stand before you as the President-elect of the United States of America. And tonight I can say, that as true as our forefathers were in writing the Constitution, change has come to America today.

America – I thank you.

In our moment of shared celebration tonight, take a second to look around you. You have already changed, your neighbors have already changed. Your families and your classmates have already changed. You traveled the country for change – or you walked down the block. You picked up a phone and made a call to an undecided voter for the first time or you picked up a few yard signs and passed them out to friends. You gave money or you gave your time. You gave as much as you could afford to spare in the name of change – and then you gave more. I said I couldn’t do it without you and America, I’m standing on this stage tonight to tell you that I didn’t.

There will be those who will resist change, even fear it. But it is easy to fear the unknown, and harder to work for it. It is harder to continue along the path for a better life for every American, where they have access to health care and a strong education. It is harder to see a day when our soldiers come home and Iraqis are able to govern themselves. It is harder to work for our independence from foreign oil and reduce our carbon footprint. It is harder to reflect on our failures and yes, even harder to correct our mistakes. America, you didn’t ask for this challenge but you have accepted it. We will continue to press on, knowing that our fears exhaust us but our struggles strengthen us. We will do just that because we know – we have seen, and as we stand here tonight, We. Can. See. – The fruits of our labor. We. Can. See. – The endless abilities of our combined efforts. We. Can. See. – The boundlessness of possibility. And We. Can. See. – The country of our children.

Today we saw both red states and blue states turn the page to a new state – the United States, one that does not see colors in red and blue, or black and white. This election has never been about me and tonight, as you look at those around you, at people of all colors and races; males and females; young and old, you can see why. I am proud to walk forward with you and I am thankful for your willingness to hope and your ability to work for change. Today, you didn’t just elect a candidate – you elected a country.


8 Response to "Dreaming of Obama: Victory Speech"

  • Howard Says:

    Rachel -- this seems like a good spot to post a general comment here on election eve: Thanks to you and a generation of Americans who have restored much of my faith in political progress. Whatever happens tomorrow, I'll always know that you and thousands like you helped realize the promise of change and progress that my generation really never realized.

    Again, thanks.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    Thank you for the support.

    I think quite a few people will have their faith in humanity restored by this election cycle.
    Not the least of which will be my generation, I hope.

  • MRhé Says:

    Maybe you can get a new job as a speechwriter for the Obama administration?

  • kurt Says:

    What he said in the acceptance speech:

    "...a collection of red states and blue states. We are, and always will be, the United States of America."

    What Rachel said, in her egg-counting dreamlike state two days prior:

    "Today we saw both red states and blue states turn the page to a new state – the United States..."

    As I watched/listened to his speech, I thought I was hearing what you'd written. I wonder if you were doing the same. Do you feel a connection "oh, we think so much alike", or do you feel a connection "oh, your speechwriter stole my best stuff"...?

    Regardless, thanks for your tireless efforts - on the blog and on the campaign.

    Now, please, with this election nonsense out of the way, can you revert the blog to the "funny Rachel" I knew so long ago?

  • rvac106 Says:

    Actually, (while echoing all previous comments on this thread in my head,) I would way rather you get mean on Wall Street. There's much to continue on with politically, as we all know, but, I don't think people realize how the Wall Street crowd has ripped off the people of the US while lining their own pockets. The American Dream is to find a ticket to riches. It may be an idea, or an invention, a good stock pick, or, just as elusive, a lottery ticket. It rarely happens, but, our 'leaders' keep touting the few instances where it does, in order to get the rest of us to go along in hopes of following where very very few have gone before. In the meanwhile, they are systematically looting your pensions, your bank accounts, and most of all, your brokerage accounts. For those who think they have no skin in the Market game, I'll simply point out United Airlines pension plan, (destroyed,) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, (destroyed,) and, last but not least, the Country of Iceland's National Finances, (destroyed.) I think it's important that we don't condone Obama's appointing more Wall Street sludge to run our economy. Before it gets worse.


  • Mean Rachel Says:

    kurt: I can't take credit for the red state/blue state thing. It comes from President-elect Obama's keynote in '04.
    With that being said, I've watched that speech several times since then and think it was perfect. KLRU or something should be running Obama speeches round-the-clock for a few weeks so I can get it out of my system.

    robert: I haven't quite decided what's next for mean rachel. It's hard to be a cynic when you get what you want.

  • MRhé Says:

    This is America, Rachel. There's plenty to be cynical about!

  • rvac106 Says:

    Dearest Mean Rachel,

    Please don't misinterpret my request. I have no interest in you being cynical. No, no! What I'm requesting is that you be MEAN! (In the guise of being your old mean self, you can continue to do a great service for your country. Country first, eh?)