My Friends, I hear New Mexico is lovely this time of year.

Tomorrow after work at 7 PM, I will board a coach bus to be shuttled overnight to Albuquerque, NM to hit the bricks for Obama. I will return at 7 AM on Monday morning and head straight to work. So you are on your own for the weekend while I'm out furthering the democratic process.
I have packed ear plugs, a bottle of tequila and all of my tolerance for saturating myself in a social situation.

Bt-dubs, I stumbled across comedy BINGO night (or they stumbled across me, I'm not really sure what happened) at Mother Eagan's tonight. Trivia People, are you tired of having your ass kicked by the stupid Chewbacca Position team? Tired of having to yell "SHHOOOES!" over an overzealous teammate's answer? Tired of Mayor Wynn stealing the limelight and embarrassing you in front of your out-of-town guests? Well, my friends, I have one word for you: B-I-N-G-O. Far superior and way more fun. Thursday nights at 8 PM. Who's with me? Oh and for you nerd supremes, there's still an element of trivia -- the free space is a trivia question that you have to get correct.

If they had someone playing Billy Joel on a piano, I think my life might make sense again.

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