CD10: Congrats to LJD!

Congrats to Larry Joe Doherty and his team for being added to the DCCC's "Red to Blue" program. From the release:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Tuesday added Larry Joe Doherty to its "Red to Blue" program. Doherty earned a spot in the competitive program by establishing significant local support and skillfully showing voters that he stands for change and will represent new priorities.

"Larry Joe Doherty is running a solid campaign and is committed to making things easier for middle class families in their districts," said DCCC Chairman Rep. Chris Van Hollen. "With less than 21 days to make his case for change to voters, the Red to Blue program will give Larry Joe the financial and structural edge to be even more competitive in November."

I still have a steak riding on LJD winning by 8 points, so this is especially good news for me. And because I think LJD is going to be a great Congressman.

In related news, I am going on a bus to New Mexico to canvass for Obama this weekend. Discuss whether I will live to regret that in the comments section. One person, when I told them of my plan, said "It's like when you decided to sleep in a cardboard box for a night on your birthday!"

3 Response to "CD10: Congrats to LJD!"

  • Lee Says:

    Oooh, you need to learn how to play the spread, Rachel. I too believe LJD can win, but 8 points may be a bit much in this district. I'll chip in a six-pack of quality beer if I'm wrong. (Or would you prefer Jagermeister?)

  • The Happiest Activist Says:

    Hey Rach. Seriously, to quote my facebook pic, just read my blog. At the top of the page I have a vid that will make you lol your pants off. It's about sarah palin.

  • cyrus Says:

    I would say you suck for going to NM (which I think is pretty much in the bag for BO) while we have razor-thin margins in certain races out here...I would say that, but you've more than done your time for us - and then some.

    So bring me back some green chiles. Your steak is still on the board.