Sept. 7

Sept. 9
Sept. 11

Ike's looking like a real squirrelly sucker. Typical.

Nothing to do but hunker down and pray for daylight. Good luck, my great state of Texas.

5 Response to "Y-Ike-s!"

  • Lee Says:

    I planned on driving out to the Caldwell Kolache Festival to watch Larry Joe campaign, but now that four of the five computer models I've seen show the eye passing through Central Texas, and two making direct hits on Burleson County (where Caldwell is located), I'm betting that's not gonna happen.

  • FUBAR Says:

    The important thing to remember is to stay calm. I suggest a few minutes of quiet time, sitting peacefully in your living room, while mentally planning your shopping trip to purchase hurricane supplies, followed by your peaceful quiet realization and subsequent acceptance that we are all going to die.

  • cyrus Says:

    No way man - Houston's gonna put 8 in the box and slow this thing down.

    C'mooooon, Clutch City!!

  • Cash Money Says:

    I hope Port Aransas will be ok...

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    I'm worried about Port Aransas too.
    This weekend I plan to stay in, pray to Billy Joel to watch over Port A, and then play Billy Joel songs.