A Week to Remember, In Pictures.

As mentioned before, if you really want to know what I was up to all week, you'll find it over at the Texas Observer blog. Otherwise, here are some pictures of the festivities.

Red Rocks & Dave Matthews on Sunday night

Caucuses and trying to figure out where to go all day Monday, and a great speech by Michelle with their two adorable unscripted kids.

On Tuesday, a birds-eye-view of Hillary's speech and -- more importantly -- Gov. Brian Schweitzer's speech.
"The petro-dictators will never own American wind and sunshine." Amazing.

Full-circle moment Wednesday night with a reprise of "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow."

Thursday Tears.

Checking in with Gov. Palin (or lack thereof) and a bachelorette party in Juneau on Friday.

Whale watching and gorgeous mountain air on Douglas Island
on Saturday with the sister & cousins (+1).

High-altitude wedding on Sunday.


3 Response to "A Week to Remember, In Pictures."

  • Christine Says:

    Oh Mean Rachel, last week at this time in the morning (6:50 a.m., that is) I was nearing Aurora to drop you off at the Red Lion/Radisson/Red Roof Inn. Needless to say, I'm not doing that right now. I haven't even showered to go to work yet. But, the DNC week with you was a blast and now I can really say that I will never go to Aurora again.

  • Miss Windy City Says:

    Great story! How your life seems now to swirl around the hottest headlines- such as in Alaska when McCain announces his girl friday.

  • MRhé Says:

    Looks like it was an amazing experience!