The Way They Were

Look at what I found! Old yearbook photos of some well-known Austin & Texas political figures. Can you name them all? The winner gets to buy me a drink and/or some tires, depending on how tonight goes.

Just kidding about the pictures being authentic (not kidding about the drink). Go here to make your own (and email it to me!). Hours of entertainment as we await The Greater Depression!

Oh, to have a 1954 economy and hairstyle.

Some entries received today...


2 Response to "The Way They Were"

  • miss beef Says:

    not related to austin politicians, but i saw a mention of your blog and tire incident on the sfobama listserve and am pretty sure we went to elementary school (zilker?) together...weird.

    have you seen this?

  • Anonymous Says:

    Yup...they look like young Demon-rat thugs in training.