A Tale of Two Stump Speeches

At the TDP 40 Year High School Reunion Kickoff Party at Antone's tonight, I took some video footage of the two stump speeches we heard (three if you count the 18 year old Patrick Rose look-alike kid that Noriega sent to speak on his behalf). We are in an election year, right? Valinda? Larry Joe? Crickets?

Anyway, before Grupo El Cheese-grater-o performed, we heard from two state representatives. Candidate #1 has been peddling the same stump speech for the last seven months. Candidate #2 has only been telling his stump speech since Labor Day. Candidate #2 has been in the Texas House for almost twenty years, somehow existing despite not having a website.

Mark Strama, you should learn from your elders.

Candidate #1 - Mark Strama

Candidate #2 - Elliott Naishtat

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