Republicans' Enthusiasm Jumps After Convention

Republicans’ Enthusiasm Jumps After Convention...Heart Attacks Increase.

McCain edges ahead; Palin speech impediment may be a factor

by Frank Newport (and mean rachel)

PRINCETON, NJ / AUSTIN, TX -- As the remarkable exhausting two-week stretch of back-to-back presidential nomination conventions ends and Mean Rachel's migraine subsides, a weekend USA Today/Gallup Poll finds that the John McCain-Sarah Palin-Bristol Baby Daddy ticket has more than matched the Barack Obama-Joe Biden ticket's convention bounce of last week with a "rebound" bounce, similar to a "rebound" hookup, and in the immediate aftermath of the GOP Rich White People convention McCain and Palin now have a slight edge over their opponents as they prepare for their walk of shame.

The convention and/or McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate not only had the effect of moving the horserace needle bullshit-o-meter in McCain's direction, but also increased several measures of enthusiasm libido for the GOP.

There has been a very substantial jump in the percentage of Republicans men saying they are more enthusiastic about voting in this election, from 42% a week ago who would hook up with Hillary (after the Democratic convention, but before the Republican convention) to 60% today who would like to follow Palin's bridge to nowhere.


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