McCain Picks Bobby's World Mom for Running Mate

I can't be the only 24 year-old who thought Sarah Palin's speech last night sounded exactly like Martha Generic, Bobby's mom in the early 90's cartoon "Bobby's World" with Howie Mandel.

Just try to tell me otherwise. All Martha Generic is missing is a shotgun and the Mendenhall Glacier.


8 Response to "McCain Picks Bobby's World Mom for Running Mate"

  • Logan Says:

    I certainly don't remember this cartoon but the hallway scene reminded me of many a scooby-doo episode where they are running away from the bad guys and chasing each other back and forth.

  • The Happiest Activist Says:

    I thought the same thing, but only when she got cocky. It was like, "Our opponent [enter false prepositional beginning] does/does not [enter false prepositional conclusion]. McCain will/will not donchaknow!"

    I couldn't remember the exact cartoon it was from, but I hope someone makes a youtube collage of this thing...

  • Laidatu Says:
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  • Laidatu Says:

    She totally has the same voice as Bobby's mom. I really really want Palin to say "donchaknow".

  • Anonymous Says:

    Well that was a jim dandy post! Actually, I loved the accent, but just was left hating the substance. She seemed like a total cheerleader to me at the end of the speech. Kinda sad to watch.

  • Anonymous Says:

    I think she is also missing the Israeli flag in her office. Did you catch the Washington Times (yuk) article about that? Palin said we are on a mission from God to protect Israel.

  • aj Says:


  • Mean Rachel Says:

    okay so I think it's safe to say that Palin is at least going to give us some entertaining speech patterns.