Heck yeah, y'all can.

It seems everyone is all bent out of shape about the Obama email that went out Thursday declaring "Drive for Obama," encouraging Texans to drive to New Mexico to help volunteer in the battleground state.

I admit that it seems a little weird, after getting the green message pounded into my head for four days in Denver (I can't throw away a water bottle without feeling a pang of guilt), that the Obama campaign would now ask for us to drive hundreds of miles to help his campaign. It makes me feel like I'm going to end up as Carbon Bigfoot.

But...hold your Hybrids, people. This is, after all, a race, is it not? We can't pout in the corner about our state not being crucial, especially after we bitched all through the primary about what a huge PINTA it was to have the Texas two-step caucus system actually put on its dancing shoes. The Obama campaign has stuff to, business to take care of. It's time to put on our big girl panties and, as my dear Colorado friend Cashmoney used to advise me when it got cold out and we were dressed for a beach in Hawaii, "it's time to nut up." Or, alternatively, "ovary up," for those of you who are still on speaking terms with your ovaries.

If turquoise jewelry and adobe isn't your style, then I suggest you let the New Mejicanos worry about change we can believe in and you knock on a few doors for Texas House candidates like Valinda Bolton, Donnie Dippel or Diana Maldonado. Those of you in DFW (I'm terribly sorry about that, by the way) can walk a few miles for State Senate hopeful Wendy Davis, or Houstonites -- once you're done dealing with that massive upper-level disturbance -- get thee to the Harris County Coordinated Campaign offices and help out Chris Bell.

Yeah, it's not as glamorous and no, you don't get cool blue and red OBAMA stickers out of it. But as Obama keeps reminding us, over and over again, like a patient parent during a long road trip to the kid who keeps saying "Are we there yet?" -- it's not about him. It's about us. You may not get to go to the big ball, Cinderella, but you can still dance.

5 Response to "Heck yeah, y'all can."

  • Logan Says:

    if you're feeling a bit lost in your support for Obama, maybe just for the weekend you could cover up the "O" and pretend to support the Crimson Tide from that state just east of the Fattest State.

  • Jenn Says:

    When did this news about texans driving to NM happen? How does that work? In Obama's hometown... and I am still voting absentee Texan pro Chicagoan's homeboy.
    Who cares its more about us I wanting the change.

  • Clairette O'Callagahan Says:

    What happened to Larry Joe?

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    clairette: Good question. But I'm still voting for him!