The Blogosphere and The Case of the Youngest Delegate

Some of you may have seen the "Not Quite the Youngest Delegate" mini-documentary featuring John Moritz, Rick Cofer, David Broockman, KT from BOR chattering away in the background and yours truly. At the time, after being assualted with a Flip camera when I was minding my own business attempting to connect to the Radisson Red Roof Red Lion Hotel wifi, I was feeling pretty good about getting the facts straight about who really was the youngest delegate.

But this article from the Llama Ledger (yes, I'm completely embarrassed I'm having to site cite the Llama Ledger) proves that we were all wrong.

When Texas State Senator and DNC co-chair Leticia Van de Putte boasted an 18-year-old as part of her state's delegation, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who also co-chairs this week's Convention, shot back.
"We have two 18-year-olds as part of the Kansas is actually not 18 yet, he will be 18 by the time he votes in November," Sebelius said. "Whenever you can one-up Texas, you try to."
But in fact, someone has them both beat.
"Our youngest delegate is David Gilbert-Pederson, he's 17, and he's from Minnesota," said Democratic National Committee Secretary Alice Travis Germond.
Oops. Does anyone in Minnesota even own a Flip camera?

3 Response to "The Blogosphere and The Case of the Youngest Delegate"

  • Anonymous Says:

    you mean "cite" the Llama Ledger

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    thank you...I am not worthy!!

  • Bill Goatt Says:

    Well the Llama Ledger can't hold a salt block to The Screaming Goat, a great new restaurant in Austin that I will now shamelessly promote.

    Check out their MySpace page:

    or just call 477-GOAT !