Act Who?

This is your Elliott Naishtat RSS feed, since he doesn't have a website. And, since it's "citizen reporting," it can't be considered stalking.

In Step 1 of getting Elliott Naishtat to start a website with DLCCWeb, I had to find out if Representative Naishtat was even on ActBlue for the contributions page. He is, however the results were dismal. One supporter and $25 dollars raised across all of ActBlue?

So I have set up a page to show him that people think he needs a website. The goal is 100 -- one hundred people, not dollars. Because it's not about the amount of money he needs to raise, it's about the amount of people he needs to connect with. I'm asking everyone today to take a moment to donate any amount to the Wired4Naishtat fund, and I'm kicking it off with my one vote.

Goal Thermometer

Once you've done that, leave an idea for what his domain name should be ( in the comments section!

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