An Open Letter to State Rep. Valinda Bolton

Dear State Rep. Valinda Bolton,

Might be time to put up some signs. I passed by two, 4'x6' signs for the Politician Formerly Known as Terry Keel yesterday -- one at the corner of Hwy. 71 and Bee Caves, and one when you come off the frontage road off of Davis and Mopac.
Sign at 71 & Bee Caves (calm down, I was at a light).

You've got a lot of presence at all the TCDP events but it's time to start reaching out to the Hybrid Suburban-driving masses (has anyone seen these, by the way? Talk about oxymoron)!

Just trying to get a majority.

Your constituent,

1 Response to "An Open Letter to State Rep. Valinda Bolton"

  • Elizabeth Hartman Says:

    Dear MR,

    Have no fear... Rep. Valinda Bolton signs are near. Deployment began in the burbs near her home in Oak Hill and it's westward ho from there.

    It's exciting that people are paying attention this early in the election cycle!

    MR, feel free to photograph as many of Valinda's signs as you'd like.

    Elizabeth Hartman
    Campaign Manager
    Re-Elect Re. Valinda Bolton