An Open Letter to B-Rock


It's now 12:20 AM and I'm done. At least for the night. I've been staring at my phone waiting for you to text me all day, but it just blinks back at me: 0 new text messages.
My friends say that it probably has something to do with you having ego issues, but I'm thinking maybe you just had a long day and didn't get a chance to fill me in on your veep choice. Maybe your cellie broke? I hear those new iPhones are kinda buggy.
Either way, I'm done making excuses for you, at least for tonight. Everyone said you'd text me by today. They always say "Wait three days after a date, four if he's a real player." Well, it's been three days. I'm sorry for bringing up children so early on. But a woman has to have priorities! In this day and age, you've got to vet your BBFs as carefully as you vet your VPs.

Love you, miss you. Call me. Or just text me. Whatever works best for you.


p.s. B-t-dub, that whole smoking thing? Total turn-off. But I'm willing to work through it with you. I texted you my number again, just in case you lost all your contacts or something.

4 Response to "An Open Letter to B-Rock"

  • B-Nasty 'Bamalicious Says:

    Hey baby, meant to text, but ever since the Enquirer's been steppin' up on our steppin' out, I've been laying low and Michelle's been hanging too close. And don't contact me on my iPhone again until the coast is clear, she's been snooping. Turns out I probably won't be able to talk until Saturday. Keep it real.

  • $2 Says:

    It will be today I bet. I bet before COB too. Just a prediction.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    promises, promises. empty promises.

  • FancyPants Says:


    I just about choked on my egg mc muffin...