Note To Self: Schedule Blockwalking Hiatus Until October.

Yesterday morning I donned the lightest-weight clothing I could find, said a prayer to the Sun Gods to be forgiving, and drove out to Elgin, Texas, the BBQ capital of the world. I was blockwalking for Larry Joe Doherty and the rest of the Bastrop County ticket. We were also cross-promoting a "meet the candidates" event in Smithville that night, which I was unable to go to because my aunt was in the hospital, but I noticed that "Bastrop Builder" got some video footage.
Larry Joe Doherty talking to supporters and canvassers in Elgin.

The morning started off with coffee and donuts, before we heard speeches from Doherty, as well as Donnie Dippel, who is running for State Rep in HD17, and Chris Duggan, who is running for district judge.

Donnie Dippel and Chris Duggan with the OBAMA plates.

Then Tequila Ranch and I attempted to blockwalk through as much of Elgin proper as possible. In less than three hours. On an August afternoon. But without incurring heatstroke. Not an easy task.

We encountered old women in nightgowns, stray black Labs with bristling hair and angry barks, and a man standing on a NASCAR doormat, wearing a John Deere hat, who requested we put signs for all of the Democrats up on his corner lot. Take that, NASCAR Nation. One door we knocked on was answered by a man's voice from inside saying "It's open!" What's the protocol for that?

At one point we walked by what could only be described as a hole in the wall bar called Mando's and TR and I exchanged knowing glances. If it hadn't been for our desire just to get the blockwalking over with, I think we likely would have ended up escaping the heat and tossing back a few.

A huge MeanRachel shout-out goes out to el viejo Fernando, who saw us walking by at around 1:30 PM and cautioned "It's too hot to be out walking around." We sat in Tequila Ranch's car, which we'd parked under about three square inches of shade provided by a large bougainvillea bush outside of Fernando's house, and gulped down warm water and naranjas which TR had been smart enough to bring with her. Moments later, Fernando appeared with two ice-cold Dr. Peppers and muffins. Democrat or Republican, I don't care, that man was a godsend.

Dios mio
. Blockwalking during a Texas summer sure isn't fun, but it's about as close to walking uphill both ways to school in the snow as I'll ever get.

6 Response to "Note To Self: Schedule Blockwalking Hiatus Until October."

  • Internet Hero Says:

    Hey, do you think if we canvass Lockhart for Lloyd his people, his people would take us to the new McDonalds? It's got a playground.

  • Robert Says:

    It's a Subway. New Subway in Lockhart. Yeah, that'd be awesome.

  • Internet Hero Says:

    Epic- then we'd be able to compare the Subway in Lockhart to the Jimmy John's in Elgin without having to wait for the upcoming Texas Monthly feature: The-best-National-Chain-Sandwich-in-Small-Towns-Known-Worldwide-for-BBQ in Texas.

    Does Lexington have a Quizno's? If so, their lives are about to change.

  • FUBAR Says:

    People, wait a damn minute, you're drowning in your own sarcasm.

    The fact is, Lockhart is Lockhart, and there are 3 world-famous barbeque joints there. Granted, one of 'em sucks like a two dollar whore, but my point is, there are serious decisions to make. Thus, no one is to be blamed for avoiding an international incident in avoiding any of the barbeque places.

    Now, Elgin, on the other hand, is easy - there's one place to go. Any greenhorn carpetbagger who has been South of the Mason-Dixon line for longer than one happy hour knows where to go for good barbeque, and I don't mean in the Fried Green Tomatoes sense of the term. Unless, of course, they screw up one more time.

    Jus' sayin'.

  • Robert Says:

    No, Crosstown has been closed for a year now. That Cartwright asshole bought it out and renamed it.
    You miss a few things between dove seasons, dude.

  • Anonymous Says:
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