Hot Bloggers: Urban Myth or Exercise in Futility?

If this is the kind of lingerie photo you'd like to see in the Hot Blogger Calendar, then I suggest you nominate me post-haste.

Miss April: "Sexy flight attendant meets organ grinder monkey."

Shout-out to Credentials and FUBAR for the tip, who heard about it from Pink Lady shilling for noms and wine (as usual) on her blog.

7 Response to "Hot Bloggers: Urban Myth or Exercise in Futility?"

  • FUBAR Says:

    I already nominated you, but that was before I knew about that hat.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Everyone loves Hot, Turkish Airways flight attendents.

  • Lee Says:

    Oh, SICK — somebody nominated Michelle Malkin?!? Um … because some guys find psychotic fascists attractive? If she wins, I can guarantee you I won't be buying that calendar.

  • Logan Says:

    I keep hearing THIS SOUND in my head when I look at this photo.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    fubar: That hat is Victoria's little-known secret.
    anon: I prefer Cathay.
    lee: What if it was a copy signed by all of the Austin bloggers?
    logan: I have that affect on a lot of men.

  • Lee Says:

    You'd have to rip out the Malkin page. I'd just have to completely skip that month of 2009 and act like it never happened.

  • cyrus Says:

    So where's the wife-beater I pawned off on you? THAT could land you on a TDP calendar - if that's your idea of a good time.
    Imagine your smiling mug hanging next to Betty Richie's wall phone...