The Dowdy Woman.

My mom emailed me a link to Maureen Dowd's New York Times op-ed today titled Yes, She Can. There was no subject line to my mom's email, no comment, no "Love, mom." Just the link. The piece starts off with Dowd doing a little fly-on-the-wall imaginary reporting on what "Hill" must be up to right now -- while Obama frolics in Hawaii, Dowd thinks Hillary is "busy planning her convention."

Dowd paints Senator Clinton as the American Girl doll that everyone wishes she'd hurry up and be, but knows she never will, because American Girl dolls don't live through sex scandals. She makes a few references to the speech lineup for Denver, which puts Senator Clinton headlining Monday night and Bill Clinton stealing the show on Wednesday night, before the "genteel veep choice."

At the end of her SlimFast-fueled analysis of Hillary's "solipsistic behavior," Dowd springboards off of the Obama-authorized statement that was added to the platform saying that sexism in the media will "dampen the dreams of our daughters." You can practically hear Dowd stomping her stilettoed feet when she insists that instead of media sexism, Democrats should have called out Hillary Clinton herself in the platform:
It would have been better to put this language in the platform: “A woman who wildly mismanages and bankrupts a quarter-of-a-billion-dollar campaign operation, and then blames sexism in society, will dampen the dreams of our daughters.”

Hold your Hermes.

I may be an Obama supporter, but I bristle when a woman who doesn't even have children (in fact, has never been married -- I smell Eau de Bitter) starts making blanket statements on what will dampen the dreams of our daughters.

Senator Hillary Clinton -- she does have a formal title, Maurie, you'd be wise to use it --may not have won but that certainly doesn't mean she's failed women across the country. Someone coming within a Tweezerman's length of being nominated for President does not "wildly mismanage" make. She ran against one of the most well-spoken, well-timed candidates ever. Both candidates proved that at least half of America is ready for someone other than an old, white male -- but Hillary did it while carting around the pasty carcass of her old, white male husband, him trailing behind her like last season's Prada luggage.

And if you think that Hills is dampening the dreams of our daughters, "our" being the collective America, then you obvs haven't checked the Facebook status feed lately. Dreams are being dampened not by politicians or feminists but by not getting the new iPhone or having the Exxon card confiscated for bad grades.

Wake up. Our daughters were raised by Carrie and Big, The Real World and Road Rules. How can you assume they even care about the real world when all they know is the true story of seven strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped? The only way they'll ever wake up is if the process starts to get different, and if that difference creates actual change. We need more women like Hillary Clinton, more men like Barack Obama, more of anything but the same.

So love her or hate her, give Senator Clinton a little bit of respect, a little Aretha Franklin-style honor. You reducing a woman's razor-close race for the White House to a girl gone wild in Nordstrom's with an AmEx does nothing but...well, you know. The line about "our daughters."

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  • cyrus Says:

    there is nearly always just cause for punching Dowd in her polished high-rise teeth, there is a grain of truth to be found here...Clinton's campaign was badly mismanaged, at least through February, and even then they only got their act together just enough to save several contests by a field goal that they should have won by a pair of touchdowns. I am impressed how she hung in there, when a lot of other candidates would have simply lost their footing and their base, but she did it in a rather ugly manner which cemented my long-held loose perception of her: seeing any and all issues and challenges through the narrow lens of what it means for her own ass.

    FWIW, as the kids say...

  • cyrus Says:

    ...but, you're right - giving her and her supporters props in Denver is not dashing any dreams, and I plan to have my daughter watch it all go down. No harm there.

    Happy now??

    Poster Formerly Known As Robert ;)

  • el_longhorn Says:

    Go Rachel! Very thoughtful and well written. I used to like Dowd, but now I can't stand to read her stuff.

    I am glad Sen. Clinton lost, but no need to dis her like Dowd does. But I guess that is the kind of crap that sells newspapers? Or maybe not, considering the problems the NY Times has been having.

  • Libby at Aurora Primavera Says:

    Dowd is a Mean Girl dumping on Most Representative Senior Hills. And frankly, Hills kinda deserves it in my book. WTF has she ever really done beside stand by her man and debacle her health care commission? There's this awful stinking cloud of entitlement that follows her around almost as bad as W. How this makes her a role model for women is beyond me. I'd rather vote against Condoleasta.

  • Damp Dreams Says:

    If Hillary and her supporters trying to characterize her election loss as sexism doesn't dampen the dreams of our daughters, four more years of Republican rule certainly will. And that's what we'll get if some of those Hillaryites are really dumb enough to support McCain or not vote out of spite.