Biden Farewell to Texas*

Well, I'm off. I have packed my bags and am headed to some place warm, a place where the beer flows like wine, where the the women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano...I'm talking about a little place called the Democratic National Convention.

Tomorrow I will be arriving at a MeanRachel unapproved hour of 8 AM in Denver, where Cash will pick me up and I will get to see a softer side of Denver over the weekend. And by "softer side" I mean "the piano bar Sing Sing."

Starting Monday, I'll be blogging the DNC action over on the Texas Observer blog which you can follow here. Add it to your Google readers, your bookmarks, or just tattoo it on your arm.

Next Friday, after what promises to be the most exciting four days of my life, I am headed up to Juneau (that's Alaska) for my cousin's wedding. It will be a bit of a shift in scene but I will return to my MeanRachel hovel and update you accordingly on how cold I will be because I didn't pack enough sweaters.

And with that, from the great Senate District 25, home of and the world's most boring Mexican bat colony, birthplace of yours truly and another girl named Rachel Farris who is also my age, I move to adjourn this blog for the next six days!

*My most favorite pun I've ever conceived.

10 Response to "Biden Farewell to Texas*"

  • FUBAR Says:

    The swallows of Capistrano. How many readers do you imagine are going to get an obscure quote from "Dumb and Dumber?"

    Um, I mean, besides this one?

    And in departing for Denver, and quoting that movie, didn't you expect the Rocky Mountains to be a little rockier than this?

  • MRhé Says:

    That's a 10 point pun right there! Nice work.

    Have a great trip!

    Subscribing now...

  • Libby at Aurora Primavera Says:

    my very first HB text msg! Kewl. And then BO sent me his e-mail about picking J-Bid as his BFF. Could this day GET any better. Off to go get pedi with Goldie. Hugs.

  • Christine Says:

    You are in Denver and we both just played the piano at Sing Sing!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Christine Says:

    In my excitement, I failed to correctly use an apostrophe in my previous comment left on I also used an over-zealous amount of exclamation points that somehow morphed into the double-usage of the numeral "1." Anyone who knows me knows that this is NOT my style and I would like to issue a formal apology for this faux paux. But, all I can say is: I WAS EXCITED BECAUSE WE GOT TO PLAY THE PIANOS AT SING SING.

  • Teena in Toronto Says:

    Have fun!

    Happy blogoversary!

  • Anonymous Says:

    Come back to Mean Rachel, you are lots more entertaining here than over at the Texas Observer



  • The Happiest Activist Says:

    Hey Rachel! I'm a friend of Will's, he told me you wrote this blog. I'm impressed...and now, curious how an independent-thinking woman like yourself feels about the Alaskan housewife veep for McCain...

    your writing is spot-on, by the way.

    Oh, and I hope you had fun at the DNC. And that wedding will went to.

  • Katlyn Says:

    Your blog is not as mean as I thought it could be... I demand more wrath! Just kidding, you are totally funny. As for Juneau, I have a completely unrelated question. Do you know if there are more wedding spots than here, or a more alaska specific listing? I want to have an alaska wedding but I don't know much about it yet.

  • Mean Rachel Says:

    hi Katlyn,

    No, I don't know much about Alaska weddings other than the one my cousin had (she lived in Juneau).