An Open Letter to Rep. Elliot Naishtat

Dear Rep. Naishtat,

I hope you and your non-cancerous lesion are doing well. I am writing to you in an attempt to pull you out of the dredges of 1991 to inform you that Al Gore has since created the internets and now most candidates and elected officials have joined the technology age and have websites.
As someone who represents such a progressive part of Austin, Elliot Naishtat of all people should have a website. And as a concerned (non)constituent, I am volunteering to donate $50 to your campaign to start a website with Wired for Change. It is $10 to secure a domain (like or or something) and then $40 a month to maintain it, along with unlimited blast emails and an integrated database. Here is a little video which explains why it is so inexpensive.

Fifty dollars is a Thursday night bar tab, and would be worth the contribution to get you a spot on the World Wide Web. I will even donate my time in collecting information and work on creating it and making it look good. I will ask people for permission to use photos like this patriotic one taken of you on the 4th of July (before or after the water-balloon tossing contest I wonder?).
This will be the easiest website you never made, and help launch you into the 21st century.

Let me know if you are interested,
Mean Rachel

UPDATE: Check out the response from Rep. Naishtat.

5 Response to "An Open Letter to Rep. Elliot Naishtat"

  • Lee Says:

    Hey, who needs teh internets when your chances of ever getting defeated are less than 0.00000001%?

    Yes, he could use it for connecting with constituents, but he certainly has no need for a campaign site.

  • jolie Says:

    hey there rachel, looks like you got pix from rosedale after all - yay!

  • Velma Vasquez-Hanratty Says:


    A campaign web site is basically the only option state reps have for connecting with constituents on the web (aside from social networking sites). Have you seen how awful the official House member web pages are? Sen. Rodney Ellis, Rep. Garnet Coleman and Rep. Rafael Anchia do a great job of using their campaign sites as a means to connect with constituents and inform them about issues.

    As the member representing one of the most wired House districts in one of the most wired cities in the country, Naishtat really should get with the times and have a better web site.


  • Mean Rachel Says:

    lee: I think that complacency when it comes to being an safe elected official is a bad thing.
    jolie: well, I didn't actually get photos from Rosedale, but I did track them down on Flickr (someone else took the photo). I also noticed that it looks like Naishtat wears the same shirt to the 4th of July parade every year.
    velma: thank you for leaving your perspective. I agree, obviously. The constituents deserve to be able to see what Naishtat's up to and hear from him more often, if they aren't seeing him at events. He goes to a lot of events but unless you are one of the 13 activists who also goes to all of those events, you'd never know it.

  • Scan Says:

    I've got a few bucks. I'll chip in.